Manipur CM Mr. Singh’s Resignation: Unveiling the Political Turmoil and Its Impact

Shri Singh reportedly chose to retire after hearing disparaging remarks during a demonstration on Thursday night in Imphal. He vented his rage after the bodies of two dead persons who were killed during fights with security personnel in the Kangpokpi hill district during the day were brought to the state capital.

The crowd is now without a leader. They don’t want to chance for peace. The Chief Minister has made the decision to step down in order to convey the idea that another suitable leader can be appointed. What choice did he have when his own people stopped believing in him?” a staff member asked, denying being cited

While a portion of the Meitei-dominated Imphal Valley is supporting Shri Singh, the hill communities, including seven BJP legislators, are calling for his resignation and the establishment of a separate tribal government.

“We hope there will be sincere efforts now to restore peace,” the aide said.

Resignation pressure

On June 29, 2023, while Imphal was experiencing new unrest, miscreants set tyres on fire, killing three more persons and injuring five more.

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Over 60,000 people have been displaced and at least 130 people have died since the Kokomi-Meitei conflict broke out on May 3.

Since Friday morning, there have been widespread rumours in Manipur that Shri Singh will step down because, despite the state being defended by 35,000 soldiers and central paramilitary forces,

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